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Brown Clean Minimalist Skincare New Product Website Landing Page (11)_edited_edited.png


Financing schools in communities with no tap water system, to set up an onsite water kiosk with sustainable products for the students to transport clean water from school to their homes.

Educational and profitable business teaching students entrepreneurial skills and generating income for schools. 
Student-managed business selling clean water to community residents at an affordable price.



Establish Relationship

We contact a specific school in an area, because the school is our connection to the greater community. Contact is through physical mail since the use of email through computers is not plentiful. Once the interest is reciprocated, personal meetings with community members and our team are planned to construct a relationship along with a water kiosk.


Construction Process

The specific location of the water kiosk must be outside of a school gate to ensure school activities are not interrupted, yet still be close enough to a water source. The technician then determines the best material and configuring of pipes to fit the physical area. Finally, with the help of many generous volunteers, a final brick and mortar kiosk is created.


Monitoring & Evaluation

The kiosk is managed by two students per day with specific roles. One receives money and does the bookkeeping while the other is responsible for assisting customers at the water tap. At the end of each day, book records are submitted to the designated teacher. Then, a monthly report and visit ensures operations are efficient and user surveys are performed every quarter to gauge how we can improve.

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