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Our partners are an integral part of who we are and what we do. We would not be where we are today without all of their help and support. Please Contact Us if you too are interested in partnering with us!

Project Founding Partners


International Transformation Foundation (ITF) is a youth-led, non-profit organization. It was established on principles of stimulus and inspiration for transformation of the youth through self-development programs encompassing leadership and entrepreneurship. ITF develops and drives youth development programs that mold the youth of today as leaders with strong hearts and minds and as true workers of society with creative and progressive thinking. Visit the company site at

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Join the Pipe

Join the Pipe encourages people to drink tap water using reusable bottles which are refilled from easy-to-use and sustainable Refill Stations. With the sale of their primary products along with donations, they finance water and sanitation projects. A Water Kiosk at School is characterized by the Join the Pipe products that include Refill Water Stations, reusable water bottles, Jerry Carry Cans, and hand washing facilities. Read more at

Project Benefactors

Thank you to the following partners who have directly provided financial grants to set up a water kiosks at various schools across rural Africa.

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Project Consulting & Development Partner


Franworth has partnered with A Water Kiosk at School to implement franchise development systems and establish company processes. Franworth’s work has helped raise awareness and funding for A Water Kiosk at School’s compelling mission of establishing kiosks in rural community schools across Africa. Visit Franworth’s site at

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