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The Bottles

ITF distributes environmentally-friendly, refillable water bottles to school children and community residents in Kenya and Rwanda. In these communities and schools, people and children drink water from unsanitary sources mostly using their hands or discarded containers which are mostly single-use water bottles. 

In schools and communities with access to clean water, bills are very high due to water wastage as a result of children drinking out of their hands. The children also face the risk of contracting water- borne diseases which leads to school absenteeism and eventual dropout.

We distribute reusable water bottles to provide a means by which school children can carry clean drinking water obtained from safe sources e.g., home to school. This ensures that less water is wasted and it reduces the risk of children contracting water-borne diseases. These reusable bottles are distributed to school children in need; however, this offer extends to other organizations and community members to bring awareness on the environmental impact of production and waste of bottled water in single use plastic. To date ITF has distributed 26871  reusable water bottles in Kenya and Rwanda.

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