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Nairobi City Council Offices Public Water Fountain Project

The Nairobi City Council Offices Public Water Fountain Project aims to provide a readily accessible source of clean and safe drinking water to 300-800 residents, employees, and visitors outside the Nairobi City Council Offices daily. This project led by ITF volunteer Jarrett is initiated in response to the critical need for a reliable water source in a high-traffic urban area and to decrease single-use plastic waste. 

Kimathi Street Fountain Project

Under the leadership of ITF volunteer Kavya, this project addresses water scarcity and plastic bottle pollution in Nairobi's city center. Tackling the challenges presented by non-functional water points, Kavya plans to install Join the Pipe drinking water taps at strategic locations, starting with Kimathi Street, to offer free and clean tap water to city users. Collaborating with Nairobi City, ITF has already installed two stations serving approximately 900 people daily, with plans to expand to high-traffic areas. The initiative not only ensures access to safe drinking water but also distributes a minimum of 200 reusable water bottles, aligning with ITF's commitment to water sustainability. 

Nairobi General Post Office Bus Stop Drinking Water Station

ITF volunteer Thang is leading an initiative to supply clean, free tap water to a daily minimum of 500 people, complemented by the distribution of at least 1,000 reusable water bottles made of BPA-free plastic. This project also provides a distinctive cross-cultural experience for two American youths in Kenya. Emphasizing environmental sustainability, the initiative incorporates refillable water bottles, an auto-stop tap to conserve water, and vandal resistance for increased durability. The proposed fountain at the General Post Office Bus Stop Station is strategically located to cater to the thousands of daily passersby. 

A Water Kiosk at Sokoni Primary School in Kenya

Passionate about improving the lives of communities in need, Erika Pietrzak, a current undergraduate student at Duke University, has initiated her very own A Water Kiosk at School project for Sokoni Primary School in Nyegna, Kenya. 

Established in 1985 by the community to resolve clan feuds, Sokoni Primary School currently faces the challenge of students having to travel 7 kilometers to the nearest lake for water, impacting their education.  The proposed kiosk will serve the 250-300 surrounding households, with funds allocated for labor, materials, community events, and travel. 

This project not only addresses the community's water needs but also provides an educational and profitable business model where students manage the sale of clean tap water, gaining valuable entrepreneurial skills and generating income for the school. The additional income will be reinvested in a neighboring school and used for essential activities, including maintaining the kiosk, purchasing supplies, and improving sanitation and education quality. Currently, Erika is spearheading all aspects of her project, including a fundraiser through GoFundMe. 

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