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The Fountain

It is set up in a busy urban center for the members of the public to access clean drinking tap water free of charge. The outdoor drinking tap water Fountain not only provides clean drinking water to everyone but also saves water. No water is wasted with our auto-stop tap which is also vandal resistant.

This initiative is implemented in partnership with the local city/municipality council as most governments in Africa have banned single-use plastic, but plastic waste remains a major challenge, especially in urban areas. The greatest contributor to plastic waste is the inaccessibility to clean drinking water that forces most people to buy single-use plastic bottled water. 

With this initiative ITF aims to install sustainable outdoor drinking tap water fountains near sports arenas, city centers, recreational parks, schools, marketplaces, and bus stations in Africa. People can access clean drinking tap water whenever needed free of charge; and so, encouraging them to drink tap water using reusable bottles for a cleaner, healthier, and sustainable community. Other multiple benefits presented by this initiative include:

  1. Access to drinkable tap water  free of charge to everyone. 

  2. Reduction in the enormous amount of plastic waste and emissions caused by  production and use of single-use plastic water bottles.  

To date in partnership with Nairobi County Government and development partners, ITF has installed two (2) fountains, in Nairobi’s main recreational park (Uhuru), these fountains serve at least 950 people daily. 

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