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Our Partners

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Our partners are an integral part of who we are and what we do. We would not be where we are today without all of their help and support. Please Contact Us if you too are interested in partnering with us!

Ministry of Education

The general mission of the Ministry of Education is to transform the Rwandan citizen into skilled human capital for socio-economic development of the country by ensuring equitable access to quality education focusing on combating illiteracy, promotion of science and technology, critical thinking and positive values.

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Join the Pipe

Join the Pipe encourages people to drink tap water using reusable bottles which are refilled from easy-to-use and sustainable Refill Stations. With the sale of their primary products along with donations, they finance water and sanitation projects. A Water Kiosk at School is characterized by the Join the Pipe products that include Refill Water Stations, reusable water bottles, Jerry Carry Cans, and hand washing facilities. 


Nairobi City County

Our resolve remains to bring together all the available resources, identify the opportunities and purposefully take an integrated approach to have all policies programs and activities in the county aligned towards raising the welfare and sustainable quality of life and healing our society, people and ecosystems.

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