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A Water Kiosk at School in Africa
International Transformation Foundation
Water Kiosk and the ITF

International Transformation Foundation, Inc. was registered in 2022 as a Houston-based, 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. We are a youth-centered organization providing people in the United States an opportunity to actively support communities in Africa to access reliable and affordable clean tap water. This expansion into the USA aims to provide young people with educational, cultural, and social volunteering opportunities. Volunteers are encouraged to create and organize their impact projects, which ultimately lead to a trip to Africa to implement these projects. Additionally, volunteers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural and tourist experiences during their time in Africa.

Inspired by the challenging upbringing of our president, Venuste Kubwimana, ITF was first registered in Kenya in 2010 by Venuste and a group of other motivated youth. This registration followed Venuste's collaboration with fellow youth across East Africa to establish ITF as an international youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to providing programs that empower youth and foster community development.

Venuste was born and brought up in a rural and poor family in the Southern province of Rwanda’s village. He lost almost everyone in his family during the 1994 genocide, making it even more difficult to meet daily needs. From a young age, Venuste faced the necessity of frequently leaving his village in search of work to afford essentials, including school fees. Despite his efforts, securing stable employment as a 14-year-old unknown boy proved challenging. The frustrations he endured, balancing boarding secondary school education with odd jobs to support himself and his siblings, ignited within him an unwavering passion to create opportunities for young people facing similar adversities.

In 2018, ITF was officially registered in Rwanda as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO). This registration followed an invitation to replicate one of ITF's successful social innovations, "A Water Kiosk at School," aimed at enhancing the quality and learning outcomes in primary and secondary education across the country.

Today, ITF's programs benefit over 219,000 people daily, with more than 110 young individuals from various countries leading the day-to-day operations. Recognized globally for our impact, ITF has attained special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations and accreditation from the European Union through its Erasmus Plus program. Our work has garnered significant recognition, including the 2021 Most Innovative Development Project Award from the Global Development Network.


To build communities of empowered and connected people across the globe.


To help communities in Africa obtain access to reliable and affordable clean tap water while empowering American young people through educational, cultural and or social volunteering opportunities.


ITF sets up water kiosks at schools in rural and urban informal communities, as well as public drinking tap water fountains in urban areas across Africa, ensuring access to reliable, clean water for the community members. Additionally, ITF offers young people from America the chance to actively plan, organize, and visit project sites for implementation of these projects, fostering a unique cross-cultural experience that fosters significant personal and professional growth in young leaders.

International Transformation Foundation and the Fountain
ITF Is Your Trusted Partner In Youth Empowerment
Washing Dishes
“ITF made me realize life and progress don't always go according to plan, but it's completely fine, pick yourself up and continue with the path. Don't compare yourself to other teammates because everyone has their journey.”

Thang Huynh, Volunteer Project Manager

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