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About Us

A Water Kiosk at School in Africa
International Transformation Foundation
Water Kiosk and the ITF

To build communities of empowered and connected people across the globe.


To help communities in Africa obtain access to reliable and affordable clean tap water while empowering American young people through educational, cultural and or social volunteering opportunities.


ITF sets up water kiosks at schools in rural & (urban) informal communities and public drinking tap water fountains in urban communities in Africa for people to access  reliable clean  water. ITF also sends young people in America to the locations where these projects take place for a unique cross-cultural experience where they gain great personal and professional growth.

International Transformation Foundation and the Fountain
ITF Is Your Trusted Partner In Youth Empowerment

International Transformation Foundation, Inc. was registered in 2022 as a Houston-based, 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. We are a youth-centered organization providing Americans with an opportunity to actively support communities in Africa to access reliable and affordable clean tap water. This expansion into the USA seeks to offer young people in America educational, cultural and social volunteering opportunities. 

Inspired by Venuste Kubwimana’s troubled youth experience, the International Transformation Foundation (ITF) was first registered in Kenya in 2010. This was right after his partnership with fellow youth across East Africa to form ITF as an international youth led nonprofit organization to offer programs that ensure an empowered youth and developed communities. 

Venuste was born and brought up in a rural and poor family in the Southern province of Rwanda’s village. He lost almost everyone in his family during the 1994 genocide, making it even more difficult to meet daily needs. At the tender age, he was forced to frequently leave his village to look for work to meet his needs including school fees, but nobody would give a stable job to a 14-year-old, unknown boy. The frustrations he went through combining boarding secondary school education and working to be able to pay school fees and support his siblings gave him absolute passion to create opportunities for fellow young people not to go through the same situation.

In 2018, ITF was then duly registered in Rwanda as INGO, after an invitation to replicate one of ITF’s successful social innovations “A Water Kiosk at School” to help improve quality and learning outcomes across primary and secondary education in the country.  

To date, ITF programs are benefiting over 168000 people daily with over 110 young people from different countries leading day to day operations of these programs.  ITF has established itself as a leading organization in Youth empowerment globally having attained a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations.  ITF is also accredited by the European Union through its Erasmus plus program. ITF work receives a lot of global recognition, most recently receiving the 2021 Most innovative development project award from the Global Development Network.

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