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ITF was established in 2010, by a group of four youth with a profound belief that substantial change occurs when young people - who constitute 75% of Africa’s population - are empowered through education to identify and address issues within their communities. The inaugural initiative, the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training, initiated debates and workshops in partnership with colleges and universities, fostering the development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills among participants. By December 2012, ITF had positively impacted over 26,000 youth across Kenya.

In July 2013, ITF forged a partnership with Join the Pipe Foundation, launching the Join the Pipe project. This initiative focused on installing specially designed tap stations in strategic locations such as playgrounds, city centers, parks, schools, and bus stations, ensuring access to clean drinking water. Accessible drinking water is a fundamental aspect of daily nutrition and overall well-being, yet remains scarce in many African communities. Today, ITF's initiatives have expanded significantly, reaching over 219,000 people across Africa.


To extend our impact, International Transformation Foundation, Inc., (ITF US) was registered in 2022 as a Houston-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. We believe in a youth-centered approach, offering impact-driven individuals in the United States an opportunity to actively support ITF's initiatives in Africa. Our projects in Kenya and Rwanda focus on providing communities with reliable and affordable clean tap water while also promoting environmental conservation.

If you're interested in supporting a cause, partnering with ITF, or volunteering your time and skills to enhance project impact, we encourage you to reach out to us and become part of our initiatives. These initiatives include setting up water kiosks at schools in both rural and urban (informal) communities, as well as installing public drinking tap water fountains in urban areas. Together, we can make a tangible difference in providing access to clean drinking water and improving the lives of communities in need. By being a part of us, you stand a chance to experience a unique cross-cultural experience while gaining great personal and professional growth.

About Us

ITF US | Children in Africa with reusable bottles
Join the Pipe represents community giving

Our Vision:

To build communities of empowered and connected people across the globe.

Our Mission:

To help communities in Africa obtain access to reliable and affordable clean tap water while empowering young people in America through educational, cultural and or social volunteering opportunities

Our projects are centered on the following development areas:


We are dedicated to enhancing the capacity of youth and communities to succeed and progress by providing resources and opportunities, including employment and pathways to financial literacy.


We collaborate with communities and schools to ensure children stay in school, eliminating the need to travel long distances in search of clean drinking water. We are also committed to teaching basic business management skills through a sustainable drinking water service delivery system.


We implement clean drinking water systems with interventions designed to ensure water accessibility, promote environmental conservation through the use of reusable water bottles, and sustain the delivery of drinking water services.


To thrive in a fast-changing world, one of our core strategies is to partner with youth-friendly organizations around the world on collaborative projects that achieve mutual goals.


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