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Transforming communities
one water kiosk at a time

Join the Pipe represents community giving

Our Vision:

To build communities of empowered and connected people across the globe.

Our Mission:

To help communities in Africa obtain access to reliable and affordable clean tap water while empowering American young people through educational, cultural and or social volunteering opportunities

International Transformation Foundation, Inc.  was registered in 2022 as a Houston-based, 501 (C) (3) non profit organization. We are a youth-centered organization providing Americans with an opportunity to actively support the International Transformation Foundation (ITF) in Africa. ITF runs projects in both Kenya and Rwanda that ensure interventions that help communities in both countries access reliable and affordable clean tap water. These communities are also empowered on matters of environmental conservation. "Today, ITF has expanded to the United States and is proudly offering Americans an opportunity to assist.

If you would like to donate to/ partner with ITF projects or volunteer your time and use your skills to increase project impact, then, get in touch with us to be part of our projects where we set up; water kiosks at schools in rural & urban (informal) communities or public drinking tap water fountains in urban communities. By being a part of us, you stand a chance to experience a unique cross-cultural experience while gaining great personal and professional growth.

About Us

A Water Kiosk at School in Kenya

Our projects are centered on these areas:

Volunteer with A Water Kiosk at School


We are committed towards ensuring that the youth and communities expand their ability to succeed and advance through provision of resources and opportunities including jobs, financial services etc.


ITF’s Join the Pipe project involves implementation of a clean drinking water system with interventions aimed at ensuring access to water, conservation of the environment through promotion of reusable water bottles and sustainability of drinking water service delivery.


We work with communities and schools to ensure that children remain in school instead of traveling long distances in search of clean drinking water while at the same time teaching them basic business management skills through a sustainable drinking water service delivery system.


To thrive in a fast-changing world, one of ITF’s strategies is to partner with youth-friendly organizations around the world on collaborative projects that achieve mutual goals.

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