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A Water Kiosk at School would greatly appreciate any size donation to provide access to clean water across Rwanda and Kenya's rural communities.  We ask you to join, share and donate to our campaign to provide water kiosks in the schools of Kenya and Rwanda. Your donation will aid in providing the rural schools with clean tap water, improved sanitation and promote healthy habits. So far, we have helped... 

over 6,557 students and 120,358 people among 12 communities.

Whether you choose to join our mission by contributing to our GoFundMe, sponsoring the establishment of a kiosk in a new location, or volunteering to help the construction of a kiosk at a local school, A Water Kiosk at School and every student, teacher, and community thanks you deeply for your support.

Anne Ngaina, Deputy Headteacher Cheptais

Anne Ngaina,

Deputy Headteacher

Cheptais SDA Primary School

“For the longest time our school compound was just barren land but with the overflow of water from our water kiosk storage tank we channeled the water to the field, planted trees and grass and now we have a forest in the school that we take pride in.” 

SDA Cheptais primary school student (Boy


SDA Cheptais Primary School 

“From running the kiosk with my friends, I am able to help my mother at her shop. I have also improved in math class.”

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Mr. Thardius, 


Kajiei Secondary School

 "Now that we have water within [the community] we are certain that threats to our student’s education will no longer be there." 

SDA Cheptais Primary school (Girl)_edite


SDA Cheptais Primary school

“I no longer come to school tired from waking up early to fetch water from the river so I am able to concentrate in school and improve my grades.” 

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