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Our story began from firsthand struggles to obtain clean drinking water in Africa. It was this obstacle that fueled our drive to solve the water crisis for as many as we can.

We want you to see the widespread and overwhelming need for access to clean water and create hands-on change. Water is crucial for life, and just as we hope you can help touch the lives of others, we hope they can do the same for you.

How it Works

A Water Kiosk at School allows you (individually or in group) to choose a school/community and independently fundraise its kiosk set up cost. 


Once the targeted amount is reached, volunteers get to travel and work with the community residents and our local volunteers to set up A Water Kiosk at School!

Why Travel

Sometimes pictures and words don't do a story justice. Traveling to the very school for which you have fundraised allows you to connect with the people, contribute to the work yourself, and truly understand the mission of A Water Kiosk at School. This experience promotes cultural and social development between both parties, and seeing how our work has changed the lives of so many students and community members is truly inspiring...we hope you get to experience the fulfillment for yourself!

Learn More

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out the contact form below to communicate with our Operations Director, Sheila Murugi. You can learn more, receive sample itinerary, and choose the location you would like to support!

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