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The Trip

Youth participants or donors from the United States who opt to join ITF projects will contribute to rolling out a fundraising campaign dedicated to a project in one of our African branches. Upon the campaign's success, they will have the chance to journey to the specific country and actively participate in the project's implementation phase.
The participants are expected to provide project administrative support alongside their counterparts at the local ITF office and have an option to contribute unskilled and skilled labor alongside projects benefiting community members. 
In case those involved in the fundraising campaign are not available for the trip, the trip is awarded to young people from low-income communities (in the US) with a passion for international community development. 

During the trip, youth participants actively engage in the project setup process, interact with beneficiaries, and enjoy a safari experience at one of the hosting country's captivating sites. The purpose of this journey is to immerse participants in a novel environment, offering a transformative cross-cultural encounter that transcends conventional tourism.


Moreover, youth volunteers learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), project management and leadership as they plan, organize and implement sustainable solutions in underserved communities. This enriching experience serves as an exceptional educational opportunity for individuals seeking practical work experience and acts as a pivotal bridge program for those passionate about social and international development. Through cultural immersion, participants not only gain global awareness but also contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Step 2: Onboarding

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

If the application is accepted.  Meetings are organized to go over expectations, and the project scope in detail.

Step 3: Project Cycle Management Training (PCM) & Work Plan

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

Covering Introduction to planning and implementation of ITF project. At the end of the training the participant develops a SMART work plan that includes a fundraising budget (if applicable), specific objectives and how to track the progress.

Step 1: Application

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

The applicant/ group leader key in required basic profile details using Trip application form available at The applicant/ group leader will receive a response within 7 days stating whether the application was accepted or declined.

Step 4: Fundraising

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

The applicant implements a fundraising plan (if applicable) as set out in the developed work plan. 

Step 5:  Pre-Trip orientation

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

A detailed trip itinerary orientation, from leaving home to getting back home.  Plus, a what to expect info pack that includes Life at the hosting ITF office, project location-community and the country in general.

Step 6: Travel & Project implementation

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

As specified in the itinerary, the applicant/group members travel with the ITF volunteer staff, to kick off project activities.

Step 7: Post Trip

Volunteer Trip to Africa | ITF US

The goal is to document the actual impact of the project after a period of at least 6 months but not exceeding 12 months.  The applicant /group chooses one representative to return to the project location for at least one week to participate in monitoring and evaluation exercises and produce an annual project report.

         A trip duration, benefits and type are tailored to who is traveling and involved in fundraising. Currently we have four types of trips:

-        Internship-like trip: A 4-to-8-week trip designed for high school, college, and university students when a project is directly sponsored or in partnership with their school. This trip can also be awarded to a young person (or a group of no more than 4) when a project sponsor is not available to travel, or the project is financed by a grant or any other unrestricted financing.

-        Family/Friends Trip: A 1-to-4-week trip designed for family or a group of friends who successfully fundraise for a project.

-        Partner Trip: A 3-to-7-day trip designed for a business or organization that is a financial partner. Generally, we ask all grant donors to send 1 person from their organization for the project launch.

-        Faith inspired trip: A 1-to 4-week trip designed for faith organizations and individuals who successfully fundraise for a project. *ITF is not a religious/faith organization but does work with people from all faith without discrimination for the community development.
The general benefits per trip are below mentioned, for an extensive list of benefits per trip category please contact us:

·        A unique cross-cultural experience, 
·        Do good adventure,
·        Personal & Professional experience in community development project,
·        Experience tourist attractions as a local.


                                             For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to visit out Contact page 

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