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  • How long does it take to build and open a kiosk?
    The process takes about one month in total: The first week is used for preliminary meetings and resource mobilization once the funds are available, the second and third weeks are used for construction and water connection and the final week is used for the student and teacher trainings and kiosk launch.
  • How much money do I need to fundraise to cover one kiosk?
    The costs of building a kiosk varies from location to location. If you would like to sponsor the construction of a kiosk, we encourage you to Contact Us to learn more, choose a school location and view the specific cost structure of that location!
  • How do you finance the kiosks?
    From donors like you! A Water Kiosk at School is completely dependent on the generous contributions (of any size!) from individuals who want to help alleviate the widespread water crisis that affects so many underdeveloped, rural communities.
  • What makes A Water Kiosk at School different from other water initiatives?
    A Water Kiosk at School has a unique mission to bring water to those who need it most, while also going a step further to create opportunities for struggling youth. This is a school-based and student-managed program that sells clean tap water to community residents at affordable prices, thus providing business, leadership and entrepreneurial skills to youth, while generating much-needed income for schools. Our program enables youth to contribute to the development of their community and has a massive impact on lowering school dropout, unemployment and water-borne illness rates as well as increases safety of women and children who are otherwise tasked with traveling far distances to fetch water.
  • When the kiosk makes a profit, where does the money go?
    When a kiosk makes a profit, the impact is far-reaching. The money is used in several ways: when the International Transformation Foundation (ITF) receives initial donations, a portion of it is used to build the kiosk, and another portion is used to build Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) stations near the school’s new water system. The WASH initiative covers needs like toilet paper, toilets and hand-washing sinks, and the school is able to use the kiosk's profit to sustain the WASH initiative at their own discretion. Additional profit is also redeployed to neighboring schools to improve their facilities, as well as used to improve school teaching facilities.
  • Can I participate in a service trip to help build a kiosk?
    Absolutely! We are always looking for helping hands to make the greatest impact possible. Please visit our Get Involved page to learn more about the process!
  • What is the price of the water?
    The price of the water is very affordable for the families. The purpose of having a price is not to create an obstacle for anyone, but rather to generate a much-needed income for the school, improve the economic position of the community, and most of all, offer valuable entrepreneurial knowledge to the students.
  • How can I help ITF without going abroad?
    You can become a remote volunteer to help us fundraise and can apply through our Volunteer page or you can donate to support a project through our Donate page.
  • Who can I contact?
    You can contact us through our Get in Touch page under Contact Us. You can also reach us by phone at 281-559-7060 or email directly at
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